About Photography

I have been fascinated with the art and craft of photography since I was a child. The magic of capturing a scene, a moment in time, is at the core of that fascination. The excitement I still have when seeing an image develop on paper or on a screen is a feeling I can get nowhere else in my life. The frustration, the sweat and often failure in capturing what I thought was truly there, brings a sense of humility that my creative ego needs Yet there are times when all things come together, my vision, the camera, the exposure and most importantly the light...

About Framing
As an artist, I understand color, texture and form and how they relate to creating a beautifully framed piece. I will apply the same thoughtfulness in framing your art as I apply to framing mine. As a picture framer, I understand interior design and how art must relate to the space it is presented in. Let me help you as an artist and as a framer make your home more beautiful.

If you would like more information on a specific image or on my services in general, or if you have a comment, please contact me here, and I'll answer you shortly. If you're in NE Ohio, please make time to visit my gallery to view my work in person.

If you wish to meet me in person, please contact me prior to visiting to make sure I'll be there and not out shooting!