Some unsolicited comments from my clients:

Dear Mr. Rehner

I recently purchased seven framed prints from you. Three were gifts and four were for our home. It was very difficult to part with the three gifts once I saw the quality and the beauty of your work!

I think your art is perhaps the greatest value I have ever experienced in any gift of any kind. Both the art and the craft of the framing are first-rate. You have a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing it at such an extraordinary price.
"Forest path" is my favorite.

It conveys so simply yet effectively the feeling one gets hiking in the wild. I'm over forty with two small children and I have a bum knee so I don't get to backpack like I used to do. Your image is the next best thing to being there!

Very truly yours,
C. Hollister A Satisfied Customer

It looks outstanding.  unbelievable.  btw I have had two people ask for your address and phone number after seeing the pictures.  They are truly beautiful.  When you sit or stand in the reception room... the picture is unbelievable. 
M. Hanson.

This looks amazing!!!!  I'd like to go with the painting effect.  Thank you sooooo much for suggesting it! 
M. Kearney

Just wanted to let you both know that we had our Comprehensive Campaign event last night and everyone loved the framed artwork! 
M. Lerner

hi john
i want to thank you for the beautiful job you did on my art. it was a real professional job, and i wouldn't hesitate to recommend your talents, or use you for something else. 
D. O'Toole

Hi John!
Karen and I love the virtual images. 
R. Porter

Your work looks really great and we are glad to have found you.
Rhonda Goodall
Goodall Gallery

Beautiful job as usual, John.  Be well. 
B. Fehrenbach

John, the barn wood framed pictures arrived in time for Christmas and they are great!  Thank you!
K. Ellis

John,  I have fallen in love with your Red Sands picture.
I can't even look at other pictures now that I've found yours.  
K. Pommer

You're Awesome!!! 
Love your work
C. Grippi

The quintessential gallery: fine art, photos, hardwood floors, served by a professional photographer and who is also an expert at restoring old photos. Home to several local artists. Good value and quality framing...
Yet another reason to shop and walk Lakewood.  
B Soltys