Custom Framing


With the resurgence of COVID cases I have made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend in-person appointments. I must protect my family first. Thank you for your understanding.

Please note that I accept online orders for my images with FREE SHIPPING on all orders! 

 New beginnings

Hundreds of frame choices, dozens of mat colors... limitless possibilities!

Custom framing is about choices.  From the type of art and frame moulding to the color of the matboard and the type of glass, it's all about choices... your choices.  And I have the experience along with visual and digital tools that can help guide you in making those choices. Unlike mass-produced art available at seemingly every retail store, a custom framing project is uniquely you.  It helps make your home a singular experience for your family and friends.
Using the best frame mouldings from Larson Juhl, Studio Moulding and International Moulding, along with conservation mats and glass, I'll create a piece that will look beautiful on your walls for years to come.


My Virtual Framing Service can take the guesswork out of framing... No more surprises!
No more second-guessing, no more wondering "what will my art really look like when it's finally framed?

Of course, I offer complete framing services, but I also offer my Free Virtual Framing Service which allows you to preview any image framed with any of my frame mouldings and mats.  Change the frame, mat color, mat width, multiple mats, and openings, etc., all digitally created and able to be printed or emailed.  I can even add the wall color so you can really see how the piece will coordinate with your color scheme.